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Canada Mystery Quilt

We just received a limited number of kits in this program - so if you were wanting to participate but missed the original intake - call us, or come in! Poppin's is pleased to be involved with the Canada Mystery Quilt commemorating Canada's 150th birthday in 2017!

There are 13 different blocks - each one representing one of Canada's provinces and territories. There is also a finishing kit, to help you complete the quilt, which finishes approximately 48 inches x 58 inches. The quilt is designed by Shania Sunga, and uses Cantik Batiks exclusively.

The first block, representing New Brunswick, is available now, and subsequent blocks will come out every 6 weeks or so. Even we don't know what the rest of the blocks look like!

Cost is $17 per block, and the finishing kit is $47. Drop into the shop, or give us a call, to join in this Mystery Quilt Program!


Contrary to popular belief we DO sell batting! Did you know that we carry a dozen different types of batting? Hobb's is our major brand, and we have their Heirloom 80-20 cotton-poly, fusible 80-20 cotton-poly, Black 80-20 cotton-poly, Natural Cotton with Scrim; and their Tuscany Bleached Cotton, Washable Wool and 100% Polyester. These battings start at 96 inches wide, and go up to 120 inches wide. In addition, we carry Hobb's Thermore Ultra Thin poly (45 inches wide), 124 inch wide Arctic Cotton's 50-50 Bamboo-Cotton blend, and a number of Pellon batting products, including Rayon, Thermolam Plus, Fusible Fleece and Thermolam Plus Fusible batting. Great prices too! We keep most of them in our Batt Cave - so ask to check them out next time you are here.

Seasonal Challenge

For the fourth season a few people have joined us in our seasonal challenge! This has been a great way to use some of our stash fabrics up, and get some old projects completed!

If you too would like to join in just ask us how - we will fill you in on the guidelines (such as they are). Register your intent with us, and we will add your name to our Accountability Board! Our reveal days are the spring and fall equinoxes, and the summer and winter solstices - the dates are listed on our Calendar. Our next reveal date is September 22nd.

"Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity."

Bo Bennett